Perl Mongers Kampala

Welcome to the home page of the Perl Mongers in Kampala. It is a community, of Perl programmers, one of many such all over the World. Most of the Perl code we will be dealing with as a community is Perl 5, but we are also interested in pursuing more knowledge of Perl 6.

Mailing List

If you're a Perl programmer in Uganda, feel free to hit our very own mailing list.
More information available here.
To post a message to all the list members, send email to


When we are to hold a meeting, the time and place will be communicated to those with an interest in Perl programming. The communication will be via this page and via other means that are likely to reach widest.
At this time, there are no planned meetings.


The industry with the most Perl code to write and maintain is the telecommunications industry. There are many obscure, old-school Unix systems in the industry, many with very idiosyncratic configurations, where the only scripting language that is sure to be supported is Perl.

Perl programmers looking for a job may apply to:

Uganda Telecom

A required extra skill is proficiency with Unix systems. Please address your job application to the Chief Operations Officer for expediency.

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions is always on the look-out for programmers who can build and maintain a system written in Perl.

Other job opportunities for Perl programmers will be included on this page with time.


To contact Perl Mongers Kampala, send an email to: